Footballers Lives

World Cup Kitchen

Ox: When Wenger chose Sinatra

Wilshere: Seeing S Club 7 live was special

Young's DJ masterclass

Young learns to cook Singapore noodles

Yoshida: The most disgusting thing I've eaten!

Mata: I love English food

Obiang takes on a T-Rex

Adrian makes friends with an alien

Zaha fails to hit the target in VR football

Carroll makes Battersea plea

Ramsey befriends a Lemur

Wilshere: My shinpads superstition

Chambers favours routine over superstitions

Rose: Defoe's strange superstitions

Wilshere: I believe in God

Zaha: I pray during the good and bad times

Bolasie: Faith helped me through my injury hell

Haskell and Robshaw celebrate England win

How well do Slade and Nowell know each other?

Warburton: I drank a pint of chicken dinner